By Richard Milhous Nixon

ISBN-10: 0448143747

ISBN-13: 9780448143743

The previous president recounts his lifestyles and political rises and falls, focusing on the occasions, household and foreign, of his presidency and people best as much as his unparalleled resignation.

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Waiting for the results was an unnerving experience for me and my family. The scuttlebutt was that those who had passed received a simple notice in a regular envelope; those who failed received a large envelope containing all the papers necessary for applying to take the exam again. During the weeks of waiting for the results we eagerly checked the mailbox each day. Then one morning my mother returned from the mailbox in tears, holding the long-awaited envelope. It was a large one, obviously filled with papers.

But I wonder whether it was a sixth sense that prompted me to make such an impetuous statement. Pat’s life deserves a volume of its own, and perhaps someday she will write that volume herself. It is an exceptional story, just as she is an exceptional woman with great independence, keen intelligence, and a warm sense of humor. She was born on March 16, 1912, in the little mining town of Ely, Nevada, and was christened Thelma Catherine Ryan. When she was a year old, her father decided to quit the mines and bring his family to a small ranch about twenty miles southwest of Los Angeles, near Artesia, California.

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The Memoirs of Richard Nixon by Richard Milhous Nixon

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