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This approach to change suggests that Plato both recognised issues of change (and not simply achieving stability), and saw the complexity of change very clearly and advises acting on levers for change, however small. In a sense this prefigures contemporary thinking about working with complex adaptive systems (see for example Shaw 1997). He is also approaching the problem of creating good management from a perspective of removing barriers rather than driving forward the vision, a facilitative rather than heroic approach.

In addition the sector has to meet performance management regimes for its funders. This discursive context of targets, performance, consumerism and assumed public sector ‘failure’ produce: cynicism in the workplace, emerging privately where it does not endanger people’s careers; ‘the notorious difficulty of turning progressive policy into practice’ (Macalpine and Marsh 1999); the challenge of being critical of managerialism while at the same time trying to improve services. This latter doubleedge cannot be ignored in the public sector arena where, working with vulnerable people, action is required.

1999:xxix her emphasis) My distinction is that between acts of advice-giving in the past and the shift to the modern notion of ‘consultant’; to understand more about how the past has inscribed that present construct. Sullivan (2003) helpfully sums up: The task of the genealogist is to examine the random, provisional and often discontinuous ways in which power has functioned or been deployed and to analyse the forms of subjectivity that have been discursively constructed as a result … to understand the present in terms of the past(s) that inscribe it.

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