By Ed Lacy

ISBN-10: 1596544295

ISBN-13: 9781596544291

She used to be a dear name woman and spending an evening together with her got here excessive. yet he by no means figured on a cost as excessive as homicide. The photo did justice to her beneficiant records. Any deepest eye might take pleasure in monitoring her down, and Hal Darling was once no exception. Her identify used to be Marion hotel. She'd placed her amazing physique to stable use as a choice woman sooner than she'd dropped out of sight virtually a yr prior to. Hal used to be being paid a fortune to discover her. yet another person used to be additionally trying to find Marion--with a knife. Hal needed to get her quickly, or the killer may strike first.

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Bobo hesitated. “I... ” I took out my wallet, still had seventy bucks of Will's money. I gave Bobo two tens, walked him to the subway. The phone was ringing as I unlocked the office door. I didn't make it. I sat down and banged away at the rubber pad, but it was hard to think. In a vague way things were starting to take shape but I was a long way from putting the pieces together—or from having all the pieces. The phone rang again. Curly Cox asked, “Hello? Boss? Me and the other guys ain't got no more cards to stick in the doors tonight.

The hallway was empty and we walked—or floated— past the offices, nodded at the cute receptionist, and took the elevator to the street. I was drinking with one of the biggest mobsters in the city—that old merry-go-round was getting up speed. ” Martinez couldn't take liquor and he spoke thickly, like a real lush. ” “And a not-so-funny 'Cat',” I said. ” “Lot I fail to understand and it's not the drink,” Bobo said. ” “That's what I have to think out. ” “Like holding the tiger by the tail. A difficult situation,” Bobo said in solemn-drunk talk.

Looks like ordinary hunk of crummy stone to me. But I don't ask questions. Can I let go of my toes? ” “Certainly,” I said. As he took his hands off his shoes I swatted him lightly. ” He grabbed his toes again—but fast. I didn't know what to think: I not only was on a merry-go-round but as Bobo said, I had a tiger by the tail and didn't know what to do with it. If Saltz found out I was holding out on him, the least he'd do would be revoke my license. I said, “Okay, get up—slowly— and keep your hands in the open.

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