By Denis J Calvert

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ISBN-13: 9780711018860

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But now he was laid out on his bed with an awful yellow-green pallor, his eyes open, his mouth gaping and a curious bandage wrapped around his chin. Or so the scene was described by Musa al-Shabandar, a young official at Iraq’s legation in Geneva and part of Faisal’s Berne entourage, who was at the hotel that night. ) Shabandar was awoken in his room by violent banging on the door by Miss Reed, who shouted at him that the king was dying and that he was needed immediately. Hurriedly dressing, al-Shabandar rushed to the king’s room where he saw that the king had already died.

44 Faisal at lunch in Interlaken, Switzerland, a few hours before his death. His earlier convalescence in Switzerland was cut short by the Assyrian crisis. 45 The funeral of Faisal in Baghdad, September 1933. At the time, it was the largest funeral in the history of the modern Middle East. M APS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. indd xiv The Ottoman Empire, 1798–1923 The Ottoman Empire, 1914 The Hijaz railroad, 1914 The Sykes–Picot Agreement of 1916 The Arab government of Syria (OETE), 1918–1920 Administrative divisions of Ottoman Iraq The Kingdom of Iraq, 1932 page 2 42 106 145 228 338 470 05/11/13 2:56 PM KEY P ER SONA L I T I E S Sharifian family Faisal ibn al-Hussein – king of Syria, king of Iraq, third son of Hussein ibn Ali.

1919 Convening of the Syrian Congress in June. 1919 King–Crane Commission arrives in Damascus in July. 1919 British decision to evacuate forces from Syria by November. 1919 Faisal returns to Britain and France in September. 1920 Faisal returns to Syria in January, with an outline agreement with Clemenceau. 1920 Syrian Congress reconvenes in March, declares independence of Greater Syria and proclaims Faisal king of Syria. 1920 Allies declare Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine as mandates of France and Britain at San Remo Conference in April.

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