By Don R. Catherall

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Emotional protection is designed to assist couple therapists establish and conceptualize the issues in their consumers and to supply strategies, targeting the 2 valuable components of emotion and attachment. difficulties ensue in relationships whilst the companions not suppose secure being open and weak with one another. Emotional security: Viewing in the course of the Lens of have an effect on allows couple therapists to acknowledge and articulate the emotional subtext in their consumers’ interactions. The emotional security version is predicated on sleek impact concept and makes a speciality of the affective tone of messages within the parts of attachment and esteem. The version permits therapists to deal with the delicate interaction of perceived probability and emotional response which underlies their consumers’ problems and disrupts emotional security.

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He partner has access to both realms of the working model of the self, the view of self as worthy of love and the view of self as competent to meet the demands of life. If her view of him is largely assembled out of positive afects, then he experiences a strong, positive view of self (and good self-esteem). But if her view contains negative afects, his self-view/emotion will be afected in that direction. his is why people can be so sensitive to how they are portrayed by their partners. Vernon Kelly (1996) applied the afect model to the experience of intimacy.

Some individuals cannot tolerate being so vulnerable and consequently position themselves in such a way that it is the other partner who is made to feel insecure about the relationship. Some individuals deal with their feelings of insecurity by aggressively pursuing the other partner, which oten has the paradoxical efect of driving the other partner farther away. Some individuals try to avoid any insecure feelings by taking control of the relationship. Needless to say, there are a variety of ways in which partners get into trouble because of their discomfort with the vulnerability that goes with the territory of a love relationship.

A diferent scenario occurs when he attempts to deal with his lagging self-esteem (again from an external source) by seeking more approval from his partner. If she fails to provide him with the needed boost in esteem, he may react as though she has caused his problem. he Concept of the Object Emotions occur in one of two types of circumstances … when the organism processes certain objects or situations with one of its sensory devices … [and] when the mind of an organism conjures up from memory certain objects and situations and represents them as images in the thought process.

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