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55 if dragons were real. , wrote that dragons did exist but lived in faraway India. He reported that they were large enough to drop out of trees and strangle elephants. At the time, Pliny’s descriptions were treated as fact. They remained as truths for centuries, repeated by European scholars and naturalists. These accounts from respected scholars strengthened the common person’s belief in dragons as living creatures. In addition to scholarly reports, Bible stories reinforced people’s belief in dragons.

Another common characteristic of the Eastern dragon is its ability to fly without wings. Instead, a magic pearl hidden beneath its Stories from Korea, China, and Japan portray dragons as benevolent creatures who are valued for their magic, beauty, and intelligence. A painting that hangs in a Buddhist temple in Korea depicts a meeting between a monk and a dragon. chin gives the dragon the power to fly and rise to heaven. Sometimes called the Pearl of Knowledge, the pearl is also thought to contain the dragon’s vast wisdom.

George had never seen a beast so evil or disgusting. It is dripping with stinking slime, oozing decay, and reeking of death. George leaps on his horse, makes the sign of the cross, and lifts his lance. Galloping at full speed, he charges the dragon. George thrusts his lance with all his strength at the beast, piercing its throat and pinning it to the ground. The dragon is mortally wounded but not dead. George asks the princess for her belt. They bind the dragon with it, and the beast becomes as gentle as a lamb.

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