By Laura Martocci

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In her forceful social heritage, Bullying, Laura Martocci explores the “bully tradition” that has claimed nationwide consciousness because the past due 1990s. 
relocating past the id of competitive behaviors to an research of ways and why now we have arrived at a tradition that flourishes on humiliation, she evaluations the social forces that gave upward thrust to, and aid continue, bullying. Martocci’s research of gossip, laughter, stereotyping, and competition—dynamics that foment bullying and recommended responses of disgrace, violence, and depression—is situated inside a bigger social narrative: the skill during which we negotiate broken social bonds and the function that bystanders play within the chance of atonement, forgiveness, and redemption.  
Martocci’s clean viewpoint on bullying positions disgrace as pivotal. She urges us to recognize the soreness and confusion because of social shame; to appreciate its social, mental, and neurological nature; and to handle it via narratives of loss, grief, and redemption—cultural helps which are already in place. 

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Laws and policies are intended to go hand in hand with informal support for those who are targeted. 38 In so many ways, bystanders are the linchpin underlying the success of this new social initiative, but actively engaging them poses significant challenges. For example, mixed messages from victims themselves, who may accept and endorse some degree of abuse (believing themselves responsible), let bystanders off the hook. What are they to do if even the victim agrees that she is queer, fat, or a loser?

How or why intervene when judgments are passed for legitimate reason, elicited by transgressions that should call out disapprobation? At what point does nega- The Cultural-Historical Foundations of Bullying Culture 25 tive feedback become abuse? 39 Last, the elusive basis on which judgments are passed (the opinions of others) make them difficult to counter, further deterring bystander involvement. ). Yet media involvement with, and relationship to, bullying is complex. Consider, for example, the inconsistent, even contradictory values informing one evening of broadcast: the nightly news covers a local incident of harassment, allegations of bullying, and official responses to the incident.

Note that Lexi and Jayde make comments that deflect moral indictment from Sara, as opposed to quips from the other girls that allude to suspect moral issues—the dress is a slutty choice; she is choosing it only to get with Devon; it might be a financially irresponsible choice, which makes her a wannabe; and finally, social protocol gives Jacqui, if she is an acquaintance of Sara’s, dibs on the dress. As the discussion tacks between the dress itself and Sara’s motivations in buying it, the implications move between impugning Sara’s taste and her character.

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