By Rafal Jończyk

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ISBN-13: 9783319476346

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This quantity offers an updated and evaluative evaluate of theoretical and empirical stances on emotion and its shut interplay with language and cognition in monolingual and bilingual participants. Importantly, it provides a singular methodological procedure that takes into consideration contextual details and consequently is going past the reductionist method of affective language that has ruled modern learn. as a result of this pragmatic procedure, the publication offers fresh findings within the box of bilingualism and have an effect on and provides the 1st neurocognitive interpretation of findings said in medical and introspective experiences in bilingualism. This not just represents a useful contribution to the literature, yet can also represent a step forward within the research of the global phenomenon of bilingualism.

Beginning with an intensive overview of the background and present nation of affective learn and its relation to language, spanning philosophical, mental, neuroscientific, and linguistic views, the quantity then proceeds to discover impact manifestation utilizing neuropragmatic equipment in monolingual and bilingual participants. In doing so, it brings jointly findings from scientific and introspective stories in bilingualism with cognitive, psychophysiological and neuroimaging paradigms. by means of combining conceptual figuring out and methodological services from many disciplines, this quantity offers a complete photograph of the dynamic interactions among contextual and affective info within the language area. therefore, Affect-Language Interactions in local and Non-Native English Speakers: A Neuropragmatic Perspective fosters a realistic method of study on affective language processing in monolingual and bilingual inhabitants, one who builds bridges throughout disciplines and sparks vital new questions within the cognitive neuroscience of bi- and multilingualism.

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